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Take the First Step Towards a Brighter Future

Learn new skills to help you become more effective in your relationships.

Let us help guide you down a path of healing, hope and restoration.

We would like to welcome to the practice:

Theresa Murgola, M.A., LPC

Dawnel Snyder, M.Ed., LPCC

Brian Starcher, M.Ed., LPCC

Currently accepting new telehealth and in person clients!

We're Here to Help

Are you feeling stuck, hopeless or confused about something in your life? Are you concerned about your child's behavior or mood? When you are experiencing emotional pain and struggling, whether it's your marriage on the rocks, a discovery that your child has been using alcohol or drugs, or your own negative thinking leading you down a destructive path, we're here to help. Difficulties are a part of life, and you don't have to cope alone.


Whatever your concern, Lora Hoffstetter and Counseling Associates located in Hudson, Ohio is dedicated to providing the highest quality and confidential counseling to children, adolescents and adults. Our practice works with clients in Hudson as well as many surrounding communities in Northeast Ohio.  We provide a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere to help foster change and growth at your own pace.

Discover self-esteem, personal growth, self-awareness, and self-respect. Conquer past hurts and wounds; let go of irrational fears that stop you from being your best self. Learn new skills to help you become more effective in your relationships. Let us help guide you down a path of healing, hope and restoration.

Laura Hoffstetter Counseling
When To Seek Help

Counseling Is A Brave

Step Forward

At Lora Hoffstetter and Counseling Associates we understand how difficult it is to take that initial step in seeking help, whether it be for yourself, your children, or your marriage. Counseling is a brave step forward to gaining greater insight into your struggles and making strides to change maladaptive patterns. It can shed new light on old problems or offer much needed clarity for a current issue you are facing.

Helping Both Old and

New Problems

It doesn't matter if your problem has gone on for many years or it is a recent development. We can help you work through those issues and teach you how to handle them better.

Many times you may want to turn to family and friends. Unfortunately, they may not always have the skills and knowledge to give you the best advice. Our licensed professionals can help you get through difficult times in the healthiest way possible.

Possible Concerns That May Cause You To Seek Help

  • Moodiness/Irritability

  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks

  • Anger Outbursts

  • Domestic Violence

  • Relationship Crisis

  • Difficulty Sleeping

  • Self Esteem Concerns

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Problems in School

  • Chemical Dependency

  • Addictive Behaviors

  • Divorce

  • Grief and Loss

  • Co Parenting and Blended Family Concerns

  • Parenting Strategies

  • Self Mutilation

  • Body Image/Eating Disorders

Whatever your concern, seeking professional guidance is a step in the right direction towards resolving the problems you are facing.

Our Services
Laura Hoffstetter Counseling

Our Therapists

We  believe that problems are best resolved in an atmosphere that encourages change and growth.  Our counseling offices are bright and open,  yet also calming and serene, offering you an ideal environment to be able to discuss your problems.

Hoffstetter Counseling
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